Sour Cherry IPA

A small batch of Sour Cherry IPA will be available for craft beer aficionados to sample starting this Thursday to bring some sour, hoppy and sweet into your weekend.

Chips and Salsa

Snack and food choices at Maple Meadows Brewing in Maple Ridge.

NEW Beer Releases Dec 20

Sour Cherry IPA, Nitro Black IPA, Nutmeg Cinnamon Ale and Pineapple IPA all coming soon to Maple Meadows Brewing. Happy Holidays!

GIFT IDEAS – uKegs and MiniKegs

Christmas is just around the corner. If you are searching for some gift ideas, check out some of the pressurized keg systems available at Maple Meadows Brewing. You can also choose Gift Cards along with a number of DISCOUNTED or FREE goodies. Happy Holidays!

Mango Hefeweizen

Mango Orange Hefeweizen is back on tap at Maple Meadows Brewing. Come, have a sip and get transported back to the summer months.


Black IPA is available on tap at Maple Meadows Brewing. Made using 100% local West Coast hops and roasted and crystal malts, this craft beer is dark, malty and delicious.

Milk Porter on Tap

Milk Porter is back on tap at Maple Meadows Brewing. Robust, creamy and full of dark chocolate notes. The perfect addition to our winter dark beer line up.

Wine now available

RED and WHITE WINE  are now available at Maple Meadows Brewing.  Our non-beer drinking customers can enjoy White Sav Blank and Red Merlot.


Maple Meadows Brewing Beer News – Milk Porter is back on Tap. Also available on Nitro. SMaSH IPA on tap until Friday. Two new releases coming on Friday.

Pants on Fire Ale

Pants on Fire Ale is re-release this Thursday. Fresh ginger, red chili peppers, jalapenos and a mix of secret spices make this beer so crazy, you would be crazy not to try it! Have fun!