GROWLER WEDNESDAYS – most popular!!!

Refill your Growlers for $9.60 with any of our regular beers on Wednesdays (regular liquor taxes apply) *

  • $5.40 per Boston Fill (1 L)
  • $9.60 per Growler Fill (1.89 L) – $11 after tax
  • tax not included
  • EXCEPTIONS: no discount on Special Beer Releases, Limited Edition Beers, Casks

Contact us or check here for Keg Pricing.



$9.60 for a Growler fill or $3.90 for a Sleeve from noon Friday until closing time on Sunday (tax not included, regular liquor taxes apply) *

Upcoming Weekend Specials:

  • July 19th to 21st – Spruce Blonde (if not available, then Dark Red)
  • July 26th to 28th – Dark Red (or if not available, then Porter)
  • August 2nd to 4th – Spruce Blonde (if not on tap, then Pilsner)
  • August 9th to 11th – Bohemian Pilsner
  • August 16th to 18th – Dark Red
  • August 23rd to 25th – West Coast Ale

The Weekend Special applies to Growler fills as well as 15 ounce Sleeves consumed in our Tasting Room.

  • $3.90 per 15 oz. glass
  • $5.40 per Boston fill (1 L)
  • $9.60 per Growler fill (1.89 L) – $11 after tax
  • regular taxes apply



Sleeves for $3.90 on all our regular beers every Tuesday *

  • $3.90 per 15 oz. glass (plus applicable taxes)
  • EXCEPTIONS: no discount on Special Beer Releases, Limited Edition Beers, Casks


Free or Discounted Merchandise with purchase of our Gift Cards. Check under GIFT CARD OFFERS. 

* Specials and discounts cannot be combined with other offers. Although all Information and Prices are kept up-to-date on best effort basis, errors and discrepancies sometimes sneak their way in. Please confirm prices and specials with our Tasting Room staff when placing your order.


Maple Meadows Brewing - Specials and Discounts
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