Beer News Oct 15

We are temporarily out of Rupert Pupkin Pumpkin Spice Ale. More coming soon. SMaSH IPA will be on tap until a fresh keg of Rupert Pupkin arrives. Craft beer update by Maple Meadows Brewing in Maple Ridge.

Beer Update Oct 10

Craft beer news from Maple Meadows Brewing – Amber Ale is back on tap. Cask Ale is being released October 12th. Weekend’s special is our West Coast Ale. Three Special Release beers available to try for the Vancouver craft beer enthusiasts. See you this weekend!

Cask Alert – Friday Oct 12

Cask Beer release, young West Coast Ale and fresh berries, release date Friday October 12. Come and join us at Maple Meadows Brewing to try this limited release true ale.

The War of the Worlds Lager

The War of the Worlds Lager – SPECIAL Release Beer by Maple Meadows Brewing. Available on tap on Saturday October 6th…. When Orson Welles tried his first Negroni in 1947 he commented, “The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.” In 2018 we replaced gin with beer and got an infused Lager worthy of the last day on Earth!

RUPERT PUPKIN Pumpkin Spice Ale

Pumpkin Spice Everything Nice AMBER ALE. Special Release Craft Beer by Maple Meadows Brewing. Available on Sunday, October 7th.

Thanksgiving Monday Discounts

20% of all regular Craft Beer from 12 PM to 4 PM on Thanksgiving Monday at Maple Meadows Brewing, Maple Ridge. Happy Thanksgiving!

West Coast Ale

Maple Meadows Brewing, a tiny brewery with ten beers on tap. West Coast Ale is one of our most popular beers so we try to keep it on tap year-round.

Beer Update Sept 26

Maple Meadows Brewing beer update – another unique Hefeweizen mix will be released this Friday, Lingonberry Hefe. Negra Noche Dark Lager is now available on NITRO and it’s definitely in the must-try category, especially for those who love coffee with Baileys.

The Beer Wall

Maple Meadows Brewing has an updated Beer Wall. Ten distinct craft beers on tap with three standards like the IPA, West Coast Ale and Lager, a few dark options, two Nitro taps and two Limited Edition Releases which include Blueberry Hefeweizen and Orange Zest Dark Ale. Cheers.

Negra Noche Back on Tap

Negra Noche Dark Lager is back on tap at Maple Meadows Brewing. Come and enjoy this rich malty beer. Inspired by the popular Dark Lagers from Mexico, this bock is robust and offers plenty of aromas and flavors.