MERCH available either at the brewery  – tax included   

  • $20.00 – Maple Meadows Brewing Toque – black and a few orange ones available
  • $20.00  – T-shirts with our Logo (Black or White)
  • $29.00 – Gray Blue Haron T-Shirts (various sizes, white T’s with fun graphics)
  • $ 7.00   – Boston Round (1 L)
  • $10.00  – Growler (1.89 L)
  • $20.00  – Coolie
  • $10.00  – keg pump rental. Check here for keg / beer prices

Toque on sale1

Toque on sale2

Photos by Sam Weldon

Growler and T

Photo by Steven Sonderhoff

  •  $49.99 Stainless Steel Mini Keg, 2 Liters, KEG ONLY – can be used instead of the standard
  • Glass Growler. Stainless is more durable and holds the seal much better than the good old glass option.
  • $149.99 ProTAP CO2 SYSTEM, fits with MINI KEGS of 2 to 10 Liter sizes
  • $199.99 MINI Keg FULL SYSTEM (2 Liter keg and ProTap System)
  • $222.88 UKeg Stainless 1.89L , Tap System included
  • $2.00 replacement 8 Gram CO2 cartridge
  • $4.25 replacement 16 Gram CO2 cartridge for 4 to 10 Liter keg systems
  • Scroll down for T-Shirts, Growlers, Coolies, Carriers etc.

uKegs - photo by Steven Sonderhoff

Photo by Steven Sonderhoff (uKegs)

 *Although we try to keep our price lists as up-to-date as possible, they are all subject to change without notice.

If you note discrepancies, please don’t hesitate to inform us so we can make the necessary updates.

Always check with the tasting room staff for latest menu and pricing updates prior to placing your order.

We hope to see you at our nano brewery soon!

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Full miniKeg and uKeg systems (photo by Steven Sonderhoff)
Full miniKeg and uKeg systems (photo by Steven Sonderhoff)
uKegs and Stainless MiniKegs available at Maple Meadows Brewing
uKegs and Stainless MiniKegs now at Maple Meadows Brewing. Photo by Steven Sonderhoff

Maple Meadows Brewing – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge