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KEGS – what you need to know before you buy:

  • For current PRICES, check here.
  • Keg sales are subject to a refundable Keg Deposit. When you pay or before you pick up your keg, you will be asked to fill out a deposit form where you will need to provide your credit card information. You will not be charged unless the keg is not returned within 2 weeks.
  • Hand Pump Rentals are extra. Check here for prices.
  • NOTE – our large kegs are almost 60 Litres NOT 50 liters like you would get at most other breweries and the price of our large kegs will reflect that 9 liter difference
  • For larger events with multiple beer types, we may rent out a CO2 system. Please email to inquire (do not inquire by phone as this is an ‘on-exception’ item)
  • KEGS – CALL AHEAD TO ORDER – to ensure your keg will be cold, please call us 24 hours prior to pick-up.  Call (604) 479-0999 during business hours or email us. Thank you!

FOAMING ISSUES: Our beer is unfiltered and without additives (that is one of the main reason people love it!). But this also means that it can be more ‘lively’ than a more commercial filtered brew. It is a common practice to let your beer ‘settle‘ for at least 24 hours before you try to serve it. If you don’t do this, you may have foaming issues or some cloudiness (because during the transport you disturb the yeast which would otherwise settle at the bottom of the keg).

The best ways to avoid too much foam in your beer:

  1. Careful Transport – if possible, do not put the keg on its side during transport. Get a big enough car so you can transport the keg upright.
  2. Keep the beer COLD! We will give you your keg cold and you should put it on ice as soon as possible. You can either use a large garbage can and surround the keg with ice or use a tough garbage bag filled with ice. Keep adding fresh ice on top of the keg as the old ice melts.
  3. Let the beer Settle! We can’t overemphasize this enough. Give your beer some time to settle after transport. It’s best to place it in the same spot from which you plan to serve the beer so you don’t have to move the keg later and disturb the brew. Also make sure you place the keg upright (NOT on its side!).
  4. Don’t over-pressurize the keg. Initially, you might not even need to pump air into the keg to serve. If your beer is pouring too foamy, do not keep pumping air into it, just serve without pumping until it settles down.
  5. Skilled Server – for larger events like weddings, make sure you hire servers who have ample experience with serving beer. If you give us enough notice, we can ask one of our staff if they would be interested in working at your event, so give us a call.
  6. Here is a great Video on how to serve beer out of a keg and attach a hand pump.

A POURING TIP: If letting your beer settle is not an option, you should pick up 3 or 4 growlers or some other serving containers, so if you beer ends up being too foamy to pour directly into glasses, you can pump it into said containers prior to serving to glasses. The CO2 will fizzle out from open containers and most of the foam will disappear given a bit of time. You then fill your customers’ / friends’ glasses part way from the container and top up with beer directly from the keg. This is a bit more work, but it will allow you to serve the beer shortly after transport.

If you are using CO2 systems, please make sure you follow your manufacturer’s instruction on correct PSI settings.

Serving beer out of kegs should be trouble-free if you follow the above instructions.

Any questions before you order your keg – just email us or call us.


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