Chips and Salsa

Snack and food choices at Maple Meadows Brewing in Maple Ridge.

Wine now available

RED and WHITE WINE  are now available at Maple Meadows Brewing.  Our non-beer drinking customers can enjoy White Sav Blank and Red Merlot.

RUPERT PUPKIN Pumpkin Spice Ale

Pumpkin Spice Everything Nice AMBER ALE. Special Release Craft Beer by Maple Meadows Brewing. Available on Sunday, October 7th.

West Coast Ale

Maple Meadows Brewing, a tiny brewery with ten beers on tap. West Coast Ale is one of our most popular beers so we try to keep it on tap year-round.

Beer Update Sept 26

Maple Meadows Brewing beer update – another unique Hefeweizen mix will be released this Friday, Lingonberry Hefe. Negra Noche Dark Lager is now available on NITRO and it’s definitely in the must-try category, especially for those who love coffee with Baileys.

The Beer Wall

Maple Meadows Brewing has an updated Beer Wall. Ten distinct craft beers on tap with three standards like the IPA, West Coast Ale and Lager, a few dark options, two Nitro taps and two Limited Edition Releases which include Blueberry Hefeweizen and Orange Zest Dark Ale. Cheers.

Beer Update – Sept 20

Maple Meadows Microbrewery’s weekend special is the Honey Brown Ale. Chocolate, Crystal and Canadian two-row malt provide this Nut Brown Ale with its dark brown color and rich smooth taste boasting roasted coffee and chocolate notes.

Blueberry Hefeweizen

New beer on tap at Maple Meadows Brewing – Blueberry Heffeweizen. Release this Thursday, September 20th at 3 PM. Come and try some.

Elderflower Ale Release

Elderflower Ale is full of citrus flavours with subtle hints of elderflower. Elderflower has been traditionally used in herbal medicine in Eastern parts of Europe to treat colds, influenza as well as relieve coughs and joint pain. Fresh craft beer made without the use of preservatives and additives offers numerous health benefits already. But summer is almost over and with flu season around the corner, Maple Meadows Brewing is in search for panacea for nearly all ills.  Could beer and herbal medicine work in harmony and taste delicious? 30 Liters of an experimental concoction was create for you to be the judge of that. Come have a glass and let us know what you think. 

Craft Beer Update week of Sept 1st

Special Beer release of Elderflower IPA, Mango Orange Hefeweizen, Honey Brown Ale and more. Check out what else is new at Maple Meadows Brewing. See you at 22775 Dewdney Trunk Road in Maple Ridge.