Beer Update Jan 8

Craft beer news from Maple Meadows Brewing – SMaSH IPA is back on tap. Three Special Release beers are also on tap for the Vancouver craft beer enthusiasts. Let the ‘beer research’ continue…see you at our nano brewery!

NEW Beer Releases Dec 20

Sour Cherry IPA, Nitro Black IPA, Nutmeg Cinnamon Ale and Pineapple IPA all coming soon to Maple Meadows Brewing. Happy Holidays!

Milk Porter on Tap

Milk Porter is back on tap at Maple Meadows Brewing. Robust, creamy and full of dark chocolate notes. The perfect addition to our winter dark beer line up.

Beer News Nov 18

Maple Meadows Brewing Beer News – Milk Porter is back on Tap. Also available on Nitro. SMaSH IPA on tap until Friday. Two new releases coming on Friday.

Beers on Nitro Taps

Maple Meadows Brewing offers Citra IPA and Amber Ale on Nitro tap in the month of November. Come, visit our tasting room and see what Nitro beers are all about.

Beer News Oct 29

Rupert Pupkin Pumpkin Spice Ale is back on tap on Tuesday. New special release to be announced mid-week. More craft beer updates by Maple Meadows Brewing to follow.

Beer News Oct 15

We are temporarily out of Rupert Pupkin Pumpkin Spice Ale. More coming soon. SMaSH IPA will be on tap until a fresh keg of Rupert Pupkin arrives. Craft beer update by Maple Meadows Brewing in Maple Ridge.

Beer Update Oct 10

Craft beer news from Maple Meadows Brewing – Amber Ale is back on tap. Cask Ale is being released October 12th. Weekend’s special is our West Coast Ale. Three Special Release beers available to try for the Vancouver craft beer enthusiasts. See you this weekend!

Negra Noche Back on Tap

Negra Noche Dark Lager is back on tap at Maple Meadows Brewing. Come and enjoy this rich malty beer. Inspired by the popular Dark Lagers from Mexico, this bock is robust and offers plenty of aromas and flavors.

West Coast Style IPA

Our West Coast Style IPA is in focus this weekend!…. and by ‘in focus’ we mean that it’s on sale. Happy Friday!!!