• PEACH ALE (IBU 25 / ABV 5.20%) – HALF GONE!! Unlike the Peach Lager which was fruity and sweet, this beer is based on our Amber Ale and it is darker and with only a hint of peach flavor.  This new combo is definitely worth a try.
  • Peanut-Butter Cinnamon Porter (IBU 31 / ABV 5.20%) – On Tap Now – AMAZING! We are definitely taking our beer adventures to the next level with this one. This beer is very peanut-butter delicious, somewhat spicy yet mellow. Cheers!
  • WHISKEY PORTER on NITRO (IBU 30 / ABV 6.50)  – NEW Special Release! This brew tastes exactly like its name indicates. It is strong, with higher alcohol content and the Nitro tap gives it an amazingly rich mouth-feel.
  • PINEAPPLE ALE ( IBU 25/ ABV 5.0) – NEW on TAP!! More hoppy than the pineapple Hefeweizen we made in the past but lighter than our previous batch of Pineapple IPA. A good middle ground. Very refreshing beer with strong pineapple undertones.
  • DARK RED ALE – IBU 27 / ABV 5.60 – This is a nice and balanced American Red Ale with medium hop characteristic on the palate. Roasted barley give it its characteristic dark color and low roasted notes and it also infuses this beer with a candy-like caramel malt sweetness. For hops, we combined Chinook which introduced a robust flavor of grapefruit with Mosaic hops which carries in flavors of mango, pine and citrus.
  • BOHEMIAN PILSNER (IBU 37 / ABV 4.80) – NEW ON TAP!! Saaz hops from Czech Republic and Canadian and German Pilsner Malts – golden color, floral flavors, crisp and refreshing. Great SUMMER BEER!
  • Milk PORTER  (IBU 30 / ABV 5.00) – back on tap
  • West Coast Ale  (IBU 30 / ABV 5.70)
  • Citra IPA (IBU 71 / ABV 6.30)
  • Red and White WINE– available by the glass – check here for prices.


  • Amber Ale (IBU 25 / ABV 5.30) – waiting for tap space
  • NITRO Milk Porter  (IBU 30 / ABV 5.00) – waiting for tap space
  • Black IPA (IBU 55 / ABV 5.80) – waiting for tap space
  • Honey Brown Ale (IBU 32, ABV 5.60) – SOLD OUT, will brew next fall
  • CHERRY MANDARIN ZEST ALE (IBU 25 / ABV 5.3) – waiting for tap space. Based on our Amber Ale, with added mandarin orange and lemon zest along with some dark cherry juice.  The result is a nice combination of flavors perfectly suited for the spring season. This Limited release will be tapped as soon as one of the other special releases runs out.





for PAST EXPERIMENTS – keep scrolling down


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  • !!!CASK!!!STRAWBERRY RHUBARB IPA – Saturday – July 7th, 2018 – IPA Hoppy, Rhubarb Tart, Smelling strongly of strawberries but not at all tasting sweet or fruity. If we try this one again, we will probably leave out Rhubarb and add some raspberries.  Thanks for coming to support our experiment!
  • !!!CASK!!! – Chipotle Dark Ale (July 2018) – we only made 20 liters of this intriguing mixture, combining smooth dark ale with smoked chipotle.  THE VERDICT: a very interesting combination of flavors and aromas in this one! Personally, the more mature it got, the more I enjoyed it. The spicy chipotle kick mellowed over time and what remained was a rich dark ale full of flavors. Definitely not a beer I would drink in large quantities, but very enjoyable after June and July filled with fruity, sour and light beers. I would definitely want to see this one back around Halloween and/or Christmas.
  • RASPBERRY HEFEWEIZEN – July 21, 2018 – this beer is made with real raspberries (no juices or powders), it is amazing and it’s also almost gone! Everybody LOVED this beer and we blew through 60 liters in less than 2 weeks. Thank you all, we will try to re-create this summer favorite mix.
  • !!!CASK!!!PINEAPPLE EXPRESS IPA – Thursday, August 2nd Release – Hoppy, fruity yet not sweet and definitely pineapple-mandarin refreshing! The verdict – we loved this beer and will definitely make it again sometime.
  • MANGO-ORANGE HEFEWEIZEN (IBU 12 / ABV 5.00) –  *AUG 9th RELEASE*  – this beer is made with organic mango and orange. How do the local craft beer connoisseurs feel about this summer combo? Since half a keg of the Mango Hefe was emptied in six hours on Thursday, our guess is that it hit the spot! Organic mango, orange and Hefeweizen mix turned out to be the winning combination for those looking for some variety in their usual craft beer selection. We will make more some day soon.
  • !!!CASK!!! – KIWI BLUEBERRY LEMON SMaSH IPA – August 30, 2018 release. Although delicious, the general consensus was that the aroma of fresh kiwis and blueberries was too subtle to make this beer unique enough to bring back again. Let the true ale experimentation continue…
  • ELDERFLOWER IPA (IBU 50 / ABV 5.50) – ***SEPT 6th SPECIAL RELEASE*** full of citrus flavours with subtle hints of elderflower. 30 liter keg – Special Release.
  • The War of the Worlds LAGER –  *LIMITED RELEASE* based on Negroni, an iconic Italian cocktail.
  • LINGONBERRY HEFEWEIZEN –  *LIMITED RELEASE on Sept 28th*  Tasting a bit sweet, a bit tart, yet Hefe-refreshing. This was a nice one, but we missed our Deep Blue Blueberry Hefe.
  • ORANGE ZEST Dark Ale  – Released on September 13th. Intense malt aroma, caramel and chocolate notes with distinct orange and lemon overtones. Replaced by The War of the Worlds Lager on October 6. This turned out to be an acquired taste but those who loved it, loved it and since we also did enjoy this bitter sweat strong ale, we will make some more soon-ish.
  • DEEP BLUE-berry Hefeweizen (IBU 12 / ABV 5.00) – very nice, will be back in the spring
  • RASPBERRY – RED BERRY WEST COAST ALE – tapped Oct 12th 2018, this beer was absolutely delicious! We agreed to make more next summer
  • PANTS on FIRE Ale (IBU 30 / ABV 5.30) – Oct 19th Release, this was a FUN FUN FUN beer and we will make more end of November or in December!
  • PINEAPPLE Hefeweizen – Release middle of October, we loved this beer so much that we will definitely bring it back…
  • BLACK CURRANT Hefeweizen (IBU 12 / ABV 5.00) – LIMITED RELEASE, October 2018 – delicious, so we will make more
  • ESPRESSO shots and APRICOTS Dark Ale (IBU 30 / ABV 5.70) – ‘Falling Through the Night Sky’| Limited Release
  • BLACK CURRANT Hefeweizen (IBU 12 / ABV 5.00)  – November 2018. An amazing combination which we will love to return to as soon as we get tired of the new mixes.
  • RUPERT PUPKIN pumpkin spice ALE (IBU 25 / ABV 5.30) – Released for Thanksgiving and again for Halloween, this spicy delight was too spicy for some, but just right for others. Ah the varied tastes of a beer-lover. We have yet to produce a beer which will be loved by all. No matter, it is our job to keep trying and we don’t mind because we love our beer-making job!
  • NITRO COCONUT Ale (IBU 25 / ABV 5.30)  *Limited Release* – A Sweet Holiday Dessert you can sip on! Interesting beer, we may try something similar in the future just for fun.
  • NITRO NUTMEG CINNAMON Dark Ale  (IBU 28 / ABV 5.10) – *Limited Release*


  • A Juicy Pale Ale
  • Belgian Wit
  • Milkshake IPA
  • Milk Stout
  • English Bitter
  • Winter Ale

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