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BOHEMIAN PILSNER (IBU 37 / ABV 4.80) – Carlo used Czech Saaz hops for this perfect summer beer along with Canadian and German Pilsner Malts. These original Noble hops gave our Pilsner warm, herbal character and they made the beer taste like home… I mean for someone like me who is originally from Czechoslovakia, the birth place of Pilsner Urqell. Carlo truly did an exceptional job with this beer. Golden color, floral flavors, crisp and refreshing – this Pilsner will definitely satisfy even the pickiest of purists. As much as I enjoyed Carlo’s Mexican Lager and some of his fruity Hefeweizens as my light beer go-to’s, Bohemian Pilsner is definitely my new favorite. (Martina)

HEFEWEIZEN (IBU 12 / ABV 5.00): Traditional German-style Wheat Beer made using Canadian wheat and German Pilzner malt. The Pilzner malt makes it crispy while the Canadian wheat provides it its wheat body. Hops used were Hallertau, but its banana and clove flavor comes mainly from the unique yeast used to produce it. This ale is light, only mildly bitter and refreshingly crisp. Enjoy.

DARK RED ALE – IBU 27 / ABV 5.60: This is a nice and balanced American Red Ale with medium hop characteristic on the palate. Roasted barley give it its characteristic dark color and low roasted notes and it also infuses this beer with a candy-like caramel malt sweetness. For hops, we combined Chinook which introduced a robust flavor of grapefruit with Mosaic hops which carries in flavors of mango, pine and citrus.

HONEY BROWN ALE (IBU 32, ABV 5.6): Chocolate, Crystal and Canadian two-row malt provide this Nut Brown Ale with its dark brown color and rich smooth taste boasting roasted coffee and chocolate notes. We then used 100% natural Raspberry Blossom Honey from a local Maple Ridge supplier as this beer’s sugar source for fermentation. The fresh honey only intensified the cacophony of already existing flavors in this amazing brown ale.

IPA (IBU 71 / ABV 6.30): A traditional West Coast IPA, which is more bitter and less cloudy than its East Coast counterpart.  Brewed using Canadian Malt combined with German Malt and US Citra hops in combination with Australian Galaxy hops.

BLACK IPA (IBU 55 / ABV 5.80): Dark and malty IPA made using Roasted and crystal malts and 100% West Coast local hops, the three C’s: Centennial, Chinook and Cascade. Enjoy!

Mexican Lager (IBU 20 / ABV 4.80):  Vienna and Pilzner Malt along with Hallertau hops. Malty sweet flavor with gentle notes of honey, passion fruit and lemongrass.

Milk Porter – PORTCHATA (IBU 30 / ABV 5.70). This Robust Milk Porter is named after Horchata, a traditional Latin American milky drink made from ground and sweetened tiger nuts. Our Portchata contains Lactose to make it creamy and, just like Horchata, it is infused with Vanilla and Cinnamon. We use local Fraser Valley Hops to brew this refreshing liquid delight filled with dark chocolate and cinnamon notes

Negra Noche Bock (IBU 20 / ABV 6.20): Negra Noche or Black Night in Spanish, was brewed to recreate the popular Dark Lagers from Mexico. Rich malty aroma, deep amber hue and interesting toasty taste will engage all the senses whether mid-day or in the black of the night. Traditionally brewed to sustain Bavarian monks during their time of fasting, this Bock with its robust malty character and plethora of flavors is a treat for any beer explorer.

NITRO IPA (IBU 71 / ABV 6.30): Nitro IPA is our regular IPA (see description above). However, it was kegged before it was fully carbonated to allow us to serve it using Nitrogen gas instead of CO2. Why use Nitrogen instead of CO2? The main difference is mouthfeel. CO2 gives beer the familiar carbonic bite while Nitrogen provides it with a much smoother feel. There is also a very noticeable difference in appearance. Nitro Beers are poured through a special Stout Tap which forces the beer through a restrictor plate, creating frothy head with little tiny bubbles. The cascading effect of this is not only quite mesmerizing to watch it also gives the beer a creamier and more complex feel. Our next project is to serve Milk Porter using Nitrogen.

SMaSH IPA (IBU  50 / ABV  5.50 ):  This Single Malt and Single Hop (SMASH) IPA was brewed using Australian Ella Hops and Golden Promise Malt. We went back to basics with our SMaSH in order to emphasize the star anise aroma of the Ella Hops. The slightly sweet, mellow wort produced by Golden Promise Malt is greatly complemented by  spicy, floral characteristics of Ella.

Spruce Blonde Ale (IBU 22 / ABV 5.00): Light Crystal grain, 2 Row and Wheat combined with a combination of Hallertau, Centennial, Cascade Hops and Spruce Tips. The locally foraged spruce tips provide a distinct floral and citrusy flavor to our Blonde Ale. This beer is the perfect combination of hoppy and refreshing and we love it because it reminds us of our home – the Pacific North West.

West Coast Ale (IBU 30 / ABV 5.70): The grain is Two Row, Pilzner and Crystal Medium malt. Hops are Centennial, Northern Brewer and Cascade. Intense malt color and aroma with substantial body and mouthfeel. Lemon aroma introduced by Centennial hops mixes with the smell of evergreens and mint provided by the Northern Brewer. Add to it intense floral, citrus and grapefruit tones with subtle caramel and toffee and you end up with a delicious mix which can be enjoyed year round.

Amber Ale (IBU 25 / ABV 5.30):  copper colored beer with subtle citrus aroma, along with hints of caramel, licorice and grapefruit.


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