Maple Meadows Brewing – a Nano Brewery packed full of Craft Beer Choices!

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Our Tasting Room

Maple Meadows Brewing Company is a true MICRO-brewery.  At 10 person capacity our Tasting Room is nano-sized.  Yet, our tiny square footage doesn’t stop us from doing what we love, which is brewing great quality beer. We put much more energy into creating unique releases than attempting to spread our brew far and wide. Why? Because we are too small for any large scale marketing efforts and because experimenting with beer is much more fun.

As a result, you won’t find our beers in any local liquor stores and only rarely will you be able to enjoy our beer in a selected pub or two. However, the craft-beer-loving folk who make it to our small brewery will be treated to ten different beer choices. Our tap menu:

  • 5 to 6 taps are reserved for Standard Beers, many of which we keep available year-round because our customers love them and because we need to pay our rent somehow
  • 2 taps are for NITRO, which we set up because our taste buds yelled ‘surprise us!‘ and because we love watching the tiny bubbles at the end of a hard brew day
  • 2 to 3 taps are dedicated to Special or Limited ReleasesWe allocated this much tap space to experimentation and strangeness because we believe that small batches are the best way to explore the far edges of the seemingly limitless craft-beer-universe. Besides, being able to sample brewer’s fringe creations, more or less fresh out of a tank, is what craft beer culture is all about. So feel free to expose your senses to some newness and share your findings to help beer science advance. Beer trends don’t set themselves, that’s where you, the BC beer connoisseur come in.

Serving 10 beers out of a 1200 square foot brewery requires Magic Powers and deep understanding of the Enchanted Maze which is our cold room. Our magician’s name is Brian. Thanks to him, you will be able to enjoy a glass of cold beer in ten different flavors on most days. THANK YOU, Brian!!!


Photo of Sam’s perfect pour by Everyday Epic Marketing

Maple Meadows Brewing Co.’s Team:

Carlo is the founder of Maple Meadows Brewing Company.  He established it in 2015 and has been the Jack of all trades until I joined him in April 2018.

Besides beer, Carlo and I share another common passion – sailing, and that is how we met in 2013 – on a sailboat in the middle of English Bay.

Carlo’s main passion is beer, of course, and that is how he someone managed to single-handedly run a brewery for three long years before I joined his team.  My background is in marketing and sales, so I am now learning as much as possible about BC’s amazing and exciting craft beer industry while trying to figure out how to help our brewery improve its bottom line.

Brian keeps our little brewery ticking and can be seen overseeing the tanks, kegs, cold room, lines and taps. His attention to detail and ability to solve problems, big or small, is  amazing and we are very lucky to have him on our team.

And then there is our all-important tasting room staff who work tirelessly to re-fill your empty Glasses, Growlers and Bostons and we all love them for it!  Samantha,  Janet, Timea, Alex, Karley, Alex W. and, occasionally, Jeff are the reason why we can keep our doors open every day of the week, so give them a big smile next time they fill your glass with beer.


Maple Meadows Brewing

Relaxing tasting room atmosphere captured by Everyday Epic Marketing

Carlo n Martina 2a
May 2018 – a new business partnership… We’ll drink to that!
2016 - Maple Ridge's Favorite Microbrewery of the Year - Maple Meadows Brewing
Carlo – Maple Meadows Brewing voted Maple Ridge’s Favorite Microbrewery of the Year in 2016
Harrison Beer Festival
2018 Harrison Beer Festival (Martina)


Maple Meadows Brewing – MicroBrewery – 22557 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge

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