May Guest Taps

IPA and Lager from our friends at EastVan Brewing are now on tap!

Wheelbite IPA (ABV 7.00)

Come and try EastVan Brewing’s classic West Coast IPA with a hoppy bite while we wait for Carlo to finish brewing our favorite Citra IPA.

Community Lager (ABV 4.70)

Since our small space doesn’t allow us to accommodate all your requests, EastVan Brewing helped out by providing their light, crisp and refreshing Lager to fill our current Lager/Pilsner void. Not to worry, we are working on a way to bring Carlos’s Mexican Lager back, but it will require a bit of creative scheduling.

Other Maple Meadows Brewing Craft Beer Updates…

  • In the Fridge:  650 ML BOTTLES of West Coast Ale (selling out fast and we don’t plan to bottle more until the next batch is brewed), Kolsh (the perfect summer beer), Oat Pale Ale (won’t be back for a while once this batch is done), Milkshake Pale Ale (with its interesting sub-tones of lemongrass) and a number of refreshing Limited Releases;
  • On Tap: Orange Lime Pale Ale / Margarita Ale on Nitro and Mango Ale on Nitro – cheers!
  • Outdoor Patio Spaces: our front patio has been in full swing for quite a few months and, due to the popular demand, we now also have a few extra spots in the back. So as long as the weather cooperates there is plenty of outdoor space for everyone;
  • Food can be ordered from our immediate neighbors: Sama Sushi, Papa John’s Pizza and Hansel and Gretel Bakery;
  • Our Barrel-aged Sour (IBU 20 / ABV 5.50) is now available in bottles. This sour beer was aged for eighteen months in an oak barrel, providing hints of vanilla to our base brew and creating complex flavors which will only get better with time.  

Patio - may21

East Van Guest Tap
(Photo by Sam Weldon)


Maple Meadows Brewing – Craft Brewery in Maple Ridge

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