Milkshake Pale Ale


Milkshake Pale Ale is now on tap!

IBU 35 / ABV 5.50

A brand new release, Milkshake Pale Ale has been tapped just in time to enjoy it during this beautiful sunny weekend. For now it is only available on tap and for Growler/Boston fills but we will be bottling it early next week.

Other craft beer news…

  • Our fridge is fully stocked up with 650 ML BOTTLES of West Coast Ale, Citra IPA (almost gone), Oat Pale Ale, Dark Red, Milk Porter, Spring Ale and a number of our Limited Releases. Due to the newest Covid-19 restrictions, all bottles are selling fast, but we will be adding new options every week so just stop by and check out what we have;
  • Our OUTDOOR PATIO is opened and we installed protective barriers to keep everyone as safe as possible. Despite the barriers, we ask that people stick to their core bubble, respect the 2 meter distancing and remember to wear their mask whenever not seated;
  • FOOD can be ordered from our immediate neighbors: Sama Sushi, Papa John’s Pizza and Hansel and Gretel Bakery;
  • We will be releasing several SUMMER MIXES like Mango Ale and Pineapple Hazy next week and they will be available either in bottles or on tap. Please remember to keep them refrigerated to preserve their fresh fruit flavor. We don’t use filters, additives or preservatives in our process and refrigeration helps to pacify any residual yeast;
  • Our Barrel-aged Sour should be ready by mid May. We have been waiting for it to age for over a year, so we can’t wait to bottle this batch and share it with you.

Enjoy the Sunshine, don’t forget to distance and stay safe!

hefe glass
(Photo by Sam Weldon)


Maple Meadows Brewing – Craft Brewery in Maple Ridge

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