Happy New Year

New Year is almost upon us and we sincerely hope that it will bring the good “old” normal back. We miss the times when it was safe to visit one’s extended family; to socialize with a neighbor or even a stranger; to enjoy a local coffee shop, brewery or restaurant without plexiglass, sanitizer and face masks. We have all adjusted to this “new” normal, but are full of hope that we will get to experience the pre-pandemic normal-normal sometime in 2021.

So what are we thankful for after this year of worry and uncertainty? We are thankful…

❤️ that we are still in business and, thanks to our loyal customers and staff, we have managed to keep our doors opened despite these challenging times;
❤️ that we receive a continuous support from our amazing customers without whom, well, what would be the point?!?
❤️ that we have incredible people who are our staff … 
       ❤️ …Sam, who has not only managed our tasting room for many years now, but who also took on the challenge of running our social media, taking the photos and she is doing an awesome job!
       ❤️ …Alex whose personality transforms our brewery into a place to re-visit and who expressed an interest in learning how to brew beer and now does most of our brewing.  Carlo supervises, of course, but she is quickly becoming a very competent female brewer!
       ❤️ …Timea whose smile lights up everyone’s face and is the most friendly and easy going person we know;
       ❤️ …Janet who not only helps in any way she can but who also enlisted both her kids, Krystal and Oli, to help us when we needed it the most;
       ❤️ …Brian, who has been with us through thick and thin and without whom our brewery couldn’t transform into what it is today;
       ❤️ …and all our past and future staff who did and will help our nano brewery keep its doors opened.
We may be a business but we see ourselves as a family made up of a small handful of loyal beer-loving folk and an incredible team of people who put a lot of energy into keeping this little beer enterprise going. Our community is our main competitive advantage and we see that as a great accomplishment. 
Happy New Year to you all from Maple Meadows Brewing!
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe.
cheers colin




Maple Meadows Brewing – a small Craft Brewery in Maple Ridge

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  1. David Hughes says:

    Thank you so much for this email, great beer, great staff and thankful clients. Wishing you all the best for 2021. Cheers


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