Beer and Sunshine

Our new PICNIC AREA is now open for the summer!

Fancy some freshly brewed craft beer? Just add sunshine on our new patio and you are all set for enjoying the 2020 summer in our new carefully-distanced and keeping-it-local way.

We thank the City of Maple Ridge for their amazing support of our summer patio project!

Here are a few limited releases for you to choose from this week:

  • APRICOT ALE on tap – limited release
  • BLUEBERRY LIME ALE on tap – limited release, about 50 liters left
  • BLACK CURRANT ALE on tap – limited batch of 60 liters
  • HIBISCUS FLOWER ALE on Nitro Tap – very limited release but no Growler fills, so it should last a while
  • Bottles of Barrel Aged Sour / Hibiscus Flower Ale / Spicy Clamato Ale / Lemon Ale  and Margarita Ale.  We only make a box or two of each, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. However, during the summer, we try to add more fun creations every week.
  • Check here for a list of more traditional beer choices

You can order Online at or stop by our brewery during regular business hours.


dog and hefe - @keaganmacdermid


Maple Meadows Brewing – your local Maple Ridge Microbrewery

Photos supplied by our awesome customers!

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