Margarita Ale

Margarita Ale… is coming soon!

Our Mango Ale is almost out and next in line is a new version of a fun Margarita Ale.  If you tried it on Nitro and loved it, come and try the new CO-2 version. It should be available just in time for this weekend so stay tuned.

Other mmbrewing craft beer news…

  • Pomegranate Ale is now sold out but we do have a few bottles left in our fridge.
  • Honey Brown is sold out.
  • Spicy Clamato Ale is now available on tap and in bottles. Limited release so come and try some if spicy beers are  your thing (this one is mild, not too spicy but quite interesting).
  • Carlo’s popular Mexican Lager should be ready in a few weeks (probably end of July).
  • We are experimenting with Cherry-Blueberry Ale and Apricot Hefeweizen... yum! These should be available by mid-July.
  • Please remember to keep all our fruit mixes refrigerated.
  • Our Barrel-aged Sour is selling out fast. We are super thrilled you love it as much as we do!
You can order Online at or stop by our brewery during regular business hours.

Happy Canada Day!!!



Maple Meadows Brewing – Craft Brewery in Maple Ridge

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