BC Sea Cider is back

A new order of  BC CIDER from Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse now available!  

High alcohol content, very unique, available in 750 mL flip top resealable bottles. Drink inside our tasting room OR take to go.

Pippins – gold medalist

Pippins is a “sharp” style cider, thanks to the Yellow Newton Pippin apples we use and cool fermentation from champagne yeast. Off-dry and chapitalized to 9.5%, it is an example of a New England style of cider that was meant to be as strong and robust as North America’s pioneers. Pippins features pineapple and confectionary notes and is incredibly food friendly. It fits just about every occasion and its crisp bite will pair perfectly with everything from steak and salad to spicy curries.

Certified Organic by PACS 16-259

9.5 % alc./vol.

Ruby Rose

A captivating semi-sweet cider infused with rhubarb, Ruby Rose is a beguiling vixen and part of our Canadian Invasion Series. She may be as aromatic as rhubarb pie, but her namesake is the merciless Rosa Rugosa, an invasive plant that threatens many coastal regions. Proceeds from our Canadian Invasion Series support efforts to combat invasive species in sensitive ecological areas. Ruby Rose pairs fabulously with light summertime meals and is perfect as a patio sipper. Consider sautéed prawns, a creamy brie, candied salmon salad and salty snacks.

9.9% alc./vol.

PRICES$19.85 (taxes included)



Maple Meadows Brewing, a Maple Ridge Microbrewery with plenty of beer choices



Photo from the SeaCider website


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