Covid-19 Response Fund

We might be small, but we still want to help!

MMBrewing West Coast Ale Bomber, our first bottled beer, will be officially dedicated to help support the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

We are super excited to dedicate a portion of revenue from the sales of our WCA 650 ml bottle to the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation.

Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation has created a COVID-19 Response Fund they to help our community’s front line healthcare providers obtain the resources and support they need. The Foundation is working closely with the hospital of Maple Ridge to identify and meet additional needs as they arise. As the impacts of this crisis unfold within our community, the receipts from this fund will be distributed to the areas of greatest need at Ridge Meadows Hospital.

Our health care providers have always taken care of us, it is our turn to take care of them!

We at Maple Meadows Brewing are thrilled to offer our small bit of support to this incredibly important cause.

Go here for ONLINE ORDERS of our WCA 650 ml Bomber for Pick Up or Delivery

Thank you!


RMHF Horizontal - Colour.jpg

Craft beer in Maple Ridge

Photo by Steven Sonderhoff


Maple Meadows Brewing – Nano Craft Brewery in Maple Ridge


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