Our First Bomber

Exiting news…

Maple Meadows Brewing West Coast Ale is now available in 650 ml Bombers!

There is nothing like a crisis to motivate a brewer to come up with new ways to keep brewing. Well, a global pandemic which brought a severe change to our every-day life, forced us to expand our personal space to 2 meters and ground the world economy to a halt, is turning out to be a crisis of epic proportions. Carlo, me and our little brewery have been caught up in this maelstrom of incomprehensible mess and, looking at it, we decided that the best way to survive this is to keep doing what we know and what we love which just happens to be making beer.  So while last week we have developed an Online Store, this week we finally bottled our first 650 bomber of West Coast Ale. Where this journey will take us next week is anybody’s guess. On the positive side, when we combine last week and this week, we end up with a brand new way of getting our favorite brew to those who love it as much as we do and that is one of those tiny victories which gives us a reason to smile despite the negative news which surround us now.

So meet our first bottle, Maple Meadows Brewing West Coast Ale. No fancy name, no fancy label, just two full glasses of the beer you already love in a nice tall bottle. Enjoy!

  • West Coast Ale (IBU 30 / ABV 5.70) – 650 ml bomber $6.85 including tax
  • Pick up during our business hours
  • Or order online for pick up or delivery
  • Quantities are limited at the moment, but we will keep making more as time allows

Enjoy – Stay Home – Stay Safe – Stay Positive

WCA now also dedicated to support our community’s front line healthcare workers through Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation’s Covid-19 Response Fund. $0.50 from each sale will go directly to the Foundation’s Fund. Thank you for your help!

RMHF Horizontal - Colour.jpg


WCA bottling photo landscape (1 of 1).jpg

Photo by Steven Sonderhoff


Maple Meadows Brewing – Nano Craft Brewery in Maple Ridge


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