Online Beer Orders

The situation with the Covid-19 outbreak has been developing so rapidly that deciding on the most responsible ways to continue our business has been extremely difficult and often times confusing. However, it would seem that we have now approached the dreaded stage of this surreal journey where the life as we knew it has ceased to exist and we will all have to look for ways to find our ‘New Normal’ while potentially having to deal with even more new challenges. Scary, but as good Canadians, we remain optimistic.

We are a small local beer manufacturer, one of thousands all over BC, with the equipment and passion for producing beer and no effective way to sell our product until this outbreak is over. Here are some of the things we will be doing in order to try and preserve our business:

  1. Online Beer Orders and Deliveries. Are we ready for this? Not exactly, but we will do our best and with your help it may just work until things are back to the old normal;
  2. Order Pick Ups and/or Beer-to-Go Purchases will be available during our business hours. Our opening hours might have to change from time to time because of unpredictable circumstances, so please check our hours before you make the trip;
  3. Growler Fills –  we haven’t been able to find any official statement pertaining to Growler sales so we have contacted the BC Liquor Board for guidance. We have also looked at the recommendations of  The New York State liquor authority in response to Covid-19 Outbreak, which states that sales for off-site consumption are permissible as long as beverages are placed in closed containers. Since we feel that picking up a sterilized Growler from a nano brewery with one employee and very limited number of customers is safer than picking up a bottle from a large store with multiple employees and many customers, we will continue to sell Growlers while waiting to get a response from the BC Liquor Board.

As we are adjusting to these extraordinary circumstances, we will be continuously looking for better and safer ways of getting our product from our production to our customers. Our immediate concern is to protect our employees, our community and ourselves from the spread of this damaging virus but thinking ahead, we also hope that we can find ways to sustain our way of life which is producing beer on a small scale for the community of Maple Ridge and, in so doing, to preserve the jobs for our amazing employees for when this crisis is over.

We thank you in advance for your support in hopefully helping us achieve this incredibly ambitious goal.


18 - Maple Meadows Brewery - Breweries - BC Ale Trail - Maple Ridge.JPG


Photo by BC Ale Trail


Maple Meadows Brewing – Nano Craft Brewery in Maple Ridge


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