Tasty Cocktails

Guest Cocktails from our neighbors at Provincial Spirits are now available at Maple Meadows Brewing!

Juniper Gin and Tonic

Classic dry crisp gin is shaken with house made tonic and topped off with some tart Juniper to give it a smooth zing. 6.9% Alcohol. Available in 355 ml cans.

Blackcurrant Cranberry Vodka

Blend of Blackcurrant, Cranberry and juicy Mango balance out a healthy dose of Vodna. The 355 ml cans come in at a hard-hitting 6.5% Alcohol.

Ready to try something other than beer this weekend? Come and support a local distillery by trying out some of their products.


Prov Spirits LOCAL Vodka Blackcurrant.jpg


Photos from the Provincial Spirits website


Prov Spirits LOCAL Gin n Tonic.jpg


Maple Meadows Brewing, the first Craft Brewery in Maple Ridge


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