DISCOUNTS with a purchase of Gift Card of $50 or more:

  • FREE 1 L Boston ($7 value)
  • Glass 1 L Boston and 1.89 L Growler for $7 ($10 value)
  • Growler and a Coolie for $15 ($15 value) *
  • T-Shirt with our logo and a Coolie for $20 ($20 value) *
  • one item per gift card
  • CLAIM your free or discounted merch through our Online Store and pick up or get delivered with your next beer order.
  • Fore more Specials and Discounts check under Specials

* Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials. Stock of T-shirts and Coolies is limited and will only be available while quantities last (if you can’t find a T-shirt in your size, you can also select to get 2 Coolies for $20). Discounts are subject to change without notice so please check our website for latest updates at the time of purchase.

We also have a couple of uKegs and stainless steel MiniKegs available for those looking for a more unique Beer-Gift idea. For pricing on those please check under Merchandise.


Maple Meadows Brewing Growler and a Coolie
Maple Meadows Brewing Growler and a Coolie.
uKegs and Stainless MiniKegs available at Maple Meadows Brewing
uKegs and Stainless MiniKegs now at Maple Meadows Brewing. Photo by Steven Sonderhoff


Maple Meadows Brewing – Small Craft Brewery with many beer choices

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