Guest Tap – Jive House Ale

BEER UPDATE – July 5th:

West Coast Ale is temporarily out of stock.

A GUEST TAP from the EastVan Brewing will replace the Summer Pale Ale as soon as we receive delivery.  We want to provide some space to their Dry Hopped Jive House Ale to see how our customers like it. We are very excited to try this one!

The Spruce Blonde Ale (IBU 22 / ABV 5.00) – NEW on TAP!!

Light Crystal grain, 2 Row and Wheat combined with a combination of Hallertau, Centennial, Cascade Hops and Spruce Tips. The locally foraged spruce tips provide a distinct floral and citrusy flavor to our Blonde Ale. This beer is the perfect combination of hoppy,  light, refreshing and unique and we love it because it reminds us of our home – the Pacific North West.

We hope you will enjoy the new beer rotation while we wait for the new batch of West Coast Ale to be ready to pour.


Photo by Everyday Epic Marketing


Maple Meadows Brewing – a tiny space with a large Craft Beer selection


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