Respberry Rosehip-flower Hefeweizen


A NEW BEER was just tapped!

Raspberry Rosehip-flower Hefeweizen – and it’s delicious!!!!
This is a Limited release, so come and try some this weekend if you can.
A few upcoming releases:
  • Pina Colada Hefeweizen – a fun Limited Release, perfectly suited for this time of year. It should be tapped later today;
  • Summer Pale Ale – an interesting malty brew with strong floral tones. It should be tapped within the next day or two. A Regular release, so we hope it finds its following;
  • Spruce Blonde – this is going to be part of our Regular selection all summer and should be ready in a few weeks. Carlo did brew this beer in 2018 and it was a hit so we hope you will help us drain the tank of this brew before the summer is over 😉
Enjoy the summer!



Photo by Everyday Epic Marketing


Maple Meadows Brewing – a tiny space with a large Craft Beer selection


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