Bohemian Pilsner


BOHEMIAN PILSNER (IBU 37 / ABV 4.80) – Carlo used Czech Saaz hops for this perfect summer beer along with Canadian and German Pilsner Malts. These original Noble hops gave our Pilsner warm, herbal character and they made the beer taste like home… I mean for someone like me who is originally from Czechoslovakia, the birth place of Pilsner Urqell. Carlo truly did an exceptional job with this beer. Golden color, floral flavors, crisp and refreshing – this Pilsner will definitely satisfy even the pickiest of purists. As much as I enjoyed Carlo’s Mexican Lager and some of his fruity Hefeweizens as my light beer go-to’s, Bohemian Pilsner is definitely my new favorite. (Martina)

Na zdravie!!!



Photo by Everyday Epic Marketing


Maple Meadows Brewing – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge

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