Whiskey Porter on NITRO

TWO Limited Release Dark Beers on tap now!

  • WHISKEY PORTER on NITRO (IBU 30 / ABV 6.50)  – this brew tastes exactly like its name indicates. It is strong, with higher alcohol content and the Nitro tap gives it an amazingly rich mouth-feel. Less than 30 liters were made available so definitely stop by to try some before it’s gone. Because it is less carbonated, it is not really suitable for Growler fills although we will fill a glass container for you if you really want to take some home to sip on.
  • PEANUT BUTTER CINNAMON PORTER (IBU 31 / ABV 5.20) – This beer was just recently tapped and it is already getting very positive reviews. Smooth and mellow with hints of cinnamon and an array of other spices, it is full of flavor and you can definitely discover a slight sub-tone of peanut butter if you look hard enough. This Limited Release beer is  not sweet like some of our previous experiments, but it is quite different from our regular dark beer selection and we are pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed. Come and give it a try if you are in our area. We made a full 60 liter keg, so it should last a few weeks.
Both of these Special Releases are on tap now.
Our regular Porter on Nitro will be back as soon as one of our Nitro taps becomes available.
  • Growler fills available although not recommended for the Nitro beer
  • Special Release pricing will apply



Photo by Everyday Epic Marketing


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