Beer Update March 22nd


This Weekend’s Craft Beer Update:

LIMITED RELEASES for this weekend:

  • MANGO-ORANGE HEFEWEIZEN (IBU 12 / ABV 5.00) Our Favorite Fruity Combo is Back! Organic Mango, Refreshing Orange and traditional German-style Wheat Beer
  • GUAVA-CHERRY IPA (IBU 50 / ABV 5.40) There is still some left of this interesting combo of fruits did not manage to overpower the hoppiness of the IPA, so expect a beer which is still hoppy with powerful underlying aroma of cherry and guava pure.
  • CHOCOLATE CARAMEL TRUFFLE PORTER (IBU 30 / ABV 5.6)  This beer packs a ton of flavor but it is on the sweet side. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!!!


Photo by Everyday Epic Marketing


Maple Meadows Brewing – Great Craft Beer in Maple Ridge


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