Red Grapefruit Ginger IPA

New on Tap this week – RED GRAPEFRUIT-GINGER IPA.

After the success of our Pineapple IPA and Sour Cherry IPA, we decided to give Red Grapefruit a try. Using real ingredients and a hint of organic ginger, we came up with a combination we absolutely love.
The powerful flavor of Grapefruit overpowered the bitterness of the IPA, so even people who aren’t usually into IPAs will most likely enjoy this new combination of flavors. Amazingly refreshing this beer tastes almost like a non-alco summer drink – but don’t be fooled, this mix still packs 5.50% ABV… so don’t drink it too fast…
Come and try some this weekend and if you love it as much as we do, let us so we are sure to make more soon. 
  • On Tap now
  • Growler fills available
  • Special Release pricing will apply
  • IBU 47 / ABV 5.50

ABV 5.50 | IBU 47| Limited Beer Release | Happy Friday!



Photo by Everyday Epic Marketing


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