GIFT IDEAS – uKegs and MiniKegs

Still looking for that perfect gift?

uKEG and MINI KEG systems are now available at Maple Meadows Brewing! We are very excited to make these Mini Keg Systems available to our customers just in time for Christmas! These are sophisticated little systems which will keep your favorite craft beer brewery-fresh wherever you go and whomever you decide to share your brew with along the way. Both systems have their pros and cons, but they both keep the oxygen out which helps to keep beer crisp and fresh.

For pricing on those please check under Merchandise.

DISCOUNTED and FREE goodies available with purchase of our Gift Cards. Check here for details.

uKegs craft beer systems (photo by Steven Sonderhoff)
uKegs and Stainless MiniKegs available at Maple Meadows Brewing
uKegs and Stainless MiniKegs now at Maple Meadows Brewing. Photo by Steven Sonderhoff

Maple Meadows Brewing GIFT CARDS – you can now pick up our Gift Cards at the brewery during regular opening hours. Gift cards can be purchased for any amount of $15 or more.

DISCOUNTS available for Gift Card purchases of $20 or more. If you purchase a gift card in the range of $20 to $39, you can enjoy one of the following items at a discounted price (one discounted item per each gift card of $20 to $39):

  • Glass 1.89 L Growler for $5 ($5 value)
  • Glass 1.89 L Growler AND 1 L Boston for $10 ($7 value)
  • T-shirt with our Logo for $15 (25% discount) *
  • Growler and a Coolie for $20 ($10 value) *

DISCOUNTS with a purchase of Gift Card of $40 or more. If you purchase a gift card for $40 or more, you can get one of the following (a choice of one of the listed items per each $40+ gift card)

  • FREE 1 L Boston ($7 value)
  • Glass 1 L Boston and 1.89 L Growler for $7 ($10 value)
  • T-Shirt with our logo and a Coolie for $20 ($20 value) *
  • Growler and a Coolie for $15 ($15 value) *

* Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or specials. Stock of T-shirts and Coolies is limited and will only be available while quantities last (if you can’t find a T-shirt in your size, you can also select to get 2 Coolies for $20). Discounts are subject to change without notice so please check our website for latest updates at the time of purchase.

Maple Meadows Brewing Growler and a Coolie
Maple Meadows Brewing Growler and a Coolie.


Maple Meadows Brewing – Small Craft Brewery with plenty of craft beer choices

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