Beers on Nitro Taps

NOVEMBER NITRO TAPS at Maple Meadows Brewing:

  • Nitro Citra IPA (IBU 71 / ABV 6.30): A traditional West Coast IPA, which is more bitter and less cloudy than its East Coast counterpart.  Brewed using Canadian Malt combined with German Malt and US Citra hops in combination with Australian Galaxy hops.
  • Nitro Amber Ale (IBU 25 / ABV 5.30):  copper colored beer with subtle citrus aroma, along with hints of caramel, licorice and grapefruit.

So what is the difference between Nitro and CO2 beers? Actually, Nitro beers often come from the same batch as beers served using CO2. Why would we serve the same beer using two different gasses? Because the difference in mouthfeel and visual effect is quite spectacular. CO2 gives beer the familiar carbonic bite which hits at the tip of the tongue, effectively isolating the beer’s taste and aroma in the front of the mouth. Nitrogen delivers the beer in a much gentler way, allowing the taste to hit the back of the pallet, giving the beer much smoother feel. There is also a very noticeable difference in appearance. Nitro Beers have a frothy head full of countless tiny bubbles. The cascading effect of this is not only mesmerizing, it also gives the beer a creamier and more complex feel.

If you are a fan of IPA or Amber Ale, we recommend that you get a taster from both CO2 and Nitro taps for comparison. Nitro beers are not recommended for Growler fills because they are only partly carbonated so they don’t travel well. Fresh out of a tap in microbrewery’s tasting room is the best way to try a nitro beer. So visit us next time you are in our area and, if you haven’t done so already, come and see what Nitro beers are all about.

November NITRO taps – Nitro Citra IPA and  Nitro Amber Ale 




Maple Meadows Brewing – Nano Craft Brewery with ten beers on tap

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