RUPERT PUPKIN Pumpkin Spice Ale

!…HE’S BAAACK…!…  RUPERT PUPKIN pumpkin spice ALE

Special Halloween Edition with an OPTION to ADD WITCH’s BLOOD!!!

Amber Ale, a mixture of top secret spices. On Halloween weekend, add a shot of Witch’s Blood… if you dare!

  • Rupert Pupkin on tap from Tuesday, October 30th
  • WITCH’s BLOOD will be collected on Halloween night, purified and available to add to your brew starting Friday 5 PM.
  • Growler fills available
  • Special Release pricing will apply

ABV 5.30% | IBU 25 | Special Edition Infused Beer | Happy Halloween!

Ruperty Pupkin.png


Maple Meadows Brewing, the Scariest Nano Brewery out there!!!

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