Beer News Oct 29

Beer update – October 29th:
  • Rupert Pupkin Pumpkin Spice Ale is back on tap this Tuesday, just in time for Halloween!
  • AMBER Ale is now available on NITRO; if you haven’t tried it already, come and do a CO2 vs. Nitro comparison
  • PORTER – a new batch of Porter is bubbling away in our tank and should be available by mid-November
  • Pineapple Hefe is very nearly finished BUT….
  • NEW FRUIT-delicious RELEASE coming this Friday – further details available mid-week
  • Falling through the Night Sky Ale will remain on tap until next week. If you like coffee, chances are you will enjoy this interesting brew incorporating espresso shots and apricots, so come and try it.
  • Citra IPA, West Coast Ale, Honey Brown, Lager, Nitro IPA  will occupy the remaining tap space

This week’s specials:

  • Tasting Room Tuesdays – $3.90 for Sleeve (or $4.50 after tax)
  • Growler Wednesdays – $9.60 per Growler fill (or $11 with tax)
  • Upcoming Weekend’s Special is Hefeweizen – regular and/or special release

Have a great week!



Photo of Samantha by Everyday Epic Marketing


Maple Meadows Brewing – a Nano Brewery with many craft beer choices


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