Pants on Fire Ale

* BACK ON TAP on FRIDAY, October 26th, 3 PM* 


10 liter remaining

Fresh Ginger, Red Chili Peppers, Jalapenos and a mix of secret spices. This beer was made using fresh spicy-hot all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors in this brew! We only made 30 liters of it since we weren’t sure who, other than Carlo, would enjoy this beer… after three days on tap, it turns out that some people love spicy beer as much as Carlo does. Who knew?!?

  • Release Date – Friday, October 19th
  • !!!!Temporarily OFF TAP!!!! until Friday, October 26th
  • Sampling will NOT be allowed! If you wanna try it, you will just have to commit to a 5 oz Taster at minimum
  • Growler fills? Sure!! If you are crazy enough to bring it home!
  • Special Release pricing will apply
  • IBU 30 | ABV 5.30

Pants on Fire Ale, a beer of many intense flavors, was born on October 17th, 2018, the day that the historic bill to legalize pot in Canada was passed. Coincidence? Perhaps…

ABV 5.30 | IBU 30| Hot Beer Release | Good luck!




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