Cask Alert – Friday Oct 12

Fresh berries plus fresh West Coast Ale equals very tasty true ale.

CASK ALERT – Release Date Friday, October 12th 

  • Raspberries, Red Berries and fresh, non-carbonated West Coast Ale
  • Growler fills available
  • Available Friday and Saturday or while quantities last
  • Tapped in the morning, tastes wonderful. Cask is now in our cold room so please be patient while waiting for your fills
  • Cask pricing will apply

We have introduced two NEW RELEASES last weekend (see below), this Friday it’s time for something different – a Cask of our young West Coast Ale which has been eating away at a pile of fresh fruit for weeks.  When we asked the yeast how it tasted, they remained silent save a few bubbles. So we decided to tap it this Friday and give it a taste. Come and join us if you like.

Other interesting Special Releases on tap this weekend:





Maple Meadows Craft Brewery – Cask Alert – Awesome Craft Beer Choices

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