Beer Update Sept 26

September 26th Maple Meadows’ Beer Update:

Blueberry Hefeweizen is almost out which means that it is time for the next new thing, Lingonberry Hefeweizen. Tart little lingonberries, popular in northern and eastern Europe, should make an interesting addition to the otherwise malty sweet Hefeweizen. We can’t wait.  If Blueberry Hefe runs out before Lingonberry Hefe is ready, we will be serving Carlos’s regular Hefeweizen in case you miss that traditional banana flavor.  Release Day for the Lingonberry Hefe is Friday, September 28th.

  • Lingonberry Hefeweizen – Friday September 28th Release

Other news:

Because the Milk Porter on NITRO has run out, we reserved 30 liters of Negra Noche Dark Lager for NITRO tap!  If you are a fan of coffee with Baileys, this new Nitro beer is a must try because it very much resembles this delicious combo. It’s fascinating how thousands of extra tiny bubbles can add extra character to an already interesting beer.

This Weekend’s Special is our Mexican Lager.

A brand new Limited Edition Beer which does not include fruit or Hefeweizen is coming next week so stay tuned.




Photo by Everyday Epic Marketing


Maple Meadows Brewing – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge


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