The Beer Wall

Come and check out our New Beer Wall..!
10 different beers on tap – we really need 2 or 3 more taps for all the beers we would love to share with you, but this is all that we can fit into our mini-space for now.

The sample keg of BLUEBERRY HEFEWEIZEN went so fast that we had to come in on Friday to make more. There should be enough left until end of this week when, if all goes well, another grand experiment should be introduced.
If you were lucky enough to try them all – Vote via comment which of the Hefeweizens you would like to see available on tap again:
* Raspberry Hefeweizen
* Mango-Orange Hefeweizen;
* Blueberry Hefeweizen;
* Plain Jane Hefeweizen – our traditional German-styles Hefe full of banana and clove notes which is usually available in-between our fruity experiments;
* Something completely new and exciting… 

The Orange Zest Dark Ale is turning smoother with age, abandoning its initially orange peel bitterness while retaining all the amazing aroma it had when it was first made. We will definitely make this one again, but first we want to satisfy our thirst for 2 or 3 more interesting limited edition brews.


The Beer Wall Artwork by Samantha Weldon & her very talented friend


Maple Meadows Brewing – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge


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