Beer Update – Sept 20

New favorite beer on the horizon – the Blueberry Hefeweizen. Tapped today and already going fast. It smells like blueberries yet it isn’t sweet. We have a feeling that 30 liters might not be enough, so Carlo might need to make more next week.

This weekend’s Special is our Honey Brown Ale.  (IBU 32, ABV 5.6) Chocolate, Crystal and Canadian two-row malt provide this Nut Brown Ale with its dark brown color and rich smooth taste boasting roasted coffee and chocolate notes. We then used 100% natural honey from a local Maple Ridge blueberry farm as this beer’s sugar source for fermentation. The fresh honey only intensified the cacophony of already existing flavors in this amazing brown ale.

  • $1.60 per 4 oz. Taster – (tax in)
  • $4.50 per 14 oz. glass – (tax in)
  • $6.20 per Boston Refill (1 L) – (tax in)
  • $11.00 per Growler Refill (1.89 L) – (tax in)


Maple Meadows Brewing - Blueberry Hefeweizen, Craft Beer
Blueberry Hefeweizen and the last bit of blue sky this morning


Maple Meadows Brewing – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge


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