Blueberry Hefeweizen


Release Date: Thursday September 20th

We loved the Raspberry Hefeweizen, we couldn’t get enough of the Mango-Orange Hefeweizen and now it is time for yet another refreshing fruity beer mix, Blueberries and beer – yum!

30 liters of Blueberry Hefe will be on tap starting this Thursday. Just enough to help us decide which one of the 3 Hefe mixes we should bring back next – Raspberry, Mango or Blueberry.  Come and help us with our ‘research’ because sampling beer is hard work, but mainly because it is your opinion which ultimately counts the most!


Ivan - blueberry.jpg


PRICES ON Special Release Beers 

  • $2 per Taster / $6 per 14 oz glass
  • $8.75 per 1 L Boston fill  / $14.20 per 1.89 L Growler fill
  • No Wednesday or Weekend special will apply


Maple Meadows Brewing – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge

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