Orange Zest Dark Ale

Occasional rain and colder temperatures spell arrival of new delicious dark beers. This week’s Special Release Beer will join our fall season beer line up and, if popular, we will bring it back again during our December Dark Beer Bash.

Orange Zest Dark Ale is an interesting combination of intense malt aroma, caramel and chocolate notes with slight lemon and orange overtones. More hoppy and lighter than the traditional stouts, this beer might just be the ideal transition between the hot summer days and the upcoming cooler fall season.

RELEASE DATE:  Thursday, September 13th

Some of our other dark beers currently on Tap:

  • Maple Meadows Honey Brown – Chocolate Nut Ale
  • Milk Porter which is featured on one of our Nitro taps
  • Negra Noche Dark Lager which is on its last keg and currently awaiting Tap Space (it should be available as soon as the Spruce Blonde runs out)


Maple Meadows Brewing - Special Release Craft Beer

Photo by Steven Sonderhoff


PRICES ON Special Release Beers 

  • $2 per Taster / $6 per 14 oz glass
  • $8.75 per 1 L Boston fill  / $14.20 per 1.89 L Growler fill
  • No Wednesday or Weekend special will apply


Maple Meadows Brewing – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge

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