Elderflower Ale Release

Elderflower IPA Release – THURSDAY, September 6th

New Limited Release Beer – Elderflower IPA (IBU 50 / ABV 5.50) – full of citrus flavours with subtle hints of elderflower.

Elderflower has been traditionally used in herbal medicine in Eastern parts of Europe. Its uses include treatment of influenza, cold, relief from coughs and joint pain. Fresh craft beer made without the use of preservatives and additives offers numerous health benefits already. Could beer and herbal medicine be combined to create a drink which tastes wonderful and provides relief from multiple ills? Nobody knows. But, in the name of scientific research, we have created 30 liters of this experimental concoction which might prove to be the next panacea for the upcoming flu season…

If you are brave enough to have a glass or two to help us with our research efforts, stop by on Thursday, September 6th between 3 and 9 PM and let us know what you think!  We will allow Growler fills starting 6 PM on Thursday. The beer will be served until the keg is empty, so come on Friday if your decide that Thursday is too early to start experimenting with beer. There should be plenty left well into the weekend.

To Your Health!



PRICES ON Special Release Beers 

  • $2 per Taster / $6 per 14 oz glass
  • $8.75 per 1 L Boston fill  / $14.20 per 1.89 L Growler fill
  • No Wednesday or weekend special will apply


Maple Meadows Brewing – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge

A Nano Brewery with Many Great Craft Beer Choices

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