Negra Noche Bock

This Weekend’s Special is our Negra Noche Dark Lager

Negra Noche Bock (IBU 20 / ABV 6.20): Negra Noche or Black Night in Spanish, was brewed to recreate the popular Dark Lagers from Mexico. Rich malty aroma, deep amber hue and interesting toasty taste will engage all the senses whether mid-day or in the black of the night. Traditionally brewed to sustain Bavarian monks during their time of fasting, this Bock with its robust malty character and plethora of flavors is a treat for any beer explorer.

  • $1.60 per 4 oz. Taster – (tax in)
  • $4.50 per 14 oz. glass – (tax in)
  • $6.20 per Boston Refill (1 L) – (tax in)
  • $11.00 per Growler Refill (1.89 L) – (tax in)

If Dark Lager isn’t going to quench your thirst in this mid-August heat, try some of our Mango Orange Hefeweizen while there is some left. Released on August 9th, we are blowing through this new summer favorite incredibly fast.

Happy Friday!!!



Photo by Everyday Epic Marketing


Maple Meadows Brewing Company – Weekend Special

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