Vegan Food Options on July 21st

VEGAN FOOD by Berta’s and Dino’s Vegan Bites:

Saturday, July 21st – 12 PM until they run out of food. Beer will be served from 12 to 9 PM. 20% of all beer sales go to support the Canuck Place Children’s Hospice on behalf of Kira.

Vegan Pizza Rolls

Vegan Pizza Rolls with dip – the perfect Beer Food! (4 for $11.00)

Vegan Pizza Rolls

Vegan Perogies

Vegan Perogies with Sour Cream, Onions and Bacon (6 for $11.00). The sour cream and bacon are, of course, vegan.

Vegan Perogies


Maple Meadows Brewing – Saturday, July 21st Event

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