HEFEWEIZEN is on Tap as of mid-July and it it s beautiful summer beer – just what we needed with this upcoming heatwave.
RASPBERRY INFUSED HEF is available as of July 21st. It is made with real raspberries and is absolutely amazing!
We made 60L of the Raspberry Hefeweizen.
Pricing is a bit higher on this one:
$2 / Taster
$6 / 14 oz glass
$8.75 / 1 L Boston fill
$14.20 / 1.89 L Growler fill
No Wednesday discount apply to this limited release beer, sorry.
Maple Meadows Brewing - Hefeweizen on Tap - Craft Beer
Hefeweizen on Tap – Raspberry Hef on tap as of Jul 21


Maple Meadows Brewing Company – 22775 Dewdney Trunk Rd, Maple Ridge

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