SMaSH IPA is on Tap

SMaSH IPA is now on Tap!

At 50 IBU 50 & 5.50% ABV, this new favorite was brewed using Australian Ella Hops and Golden Promise Malt. Using the Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) technique, Carlo went back to basics in order to emphasize the star anise aroma of Ella. As a result, the slightly sweet, mellow wort produced by Golden Promise Malt is greatly complemented by spicy, floral characteristics of the Ella and we love it!

Carlo will brew another tank of our popular West Coast Ale early this week (so we don’t run out!) and the plan is to brew the long awaited Hefeweizen before Friday so it can be ready for you to enjoy by mid-July or so.

For more craft beer selection and prices go to Beers.

Craft Beer Maple Ridge new IPA called SMaSH is on tap
Capilano River Dam… hold on to that Boston!

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