Imaginative Uses for Your Surplus Suds

When we re-posted Rob Mangelsdorf’s comprehensive list of uses for surplus suds we asked our Facebook friends to come up with more suggestions on what to do with one’s left-over beer. Below are some of their comments:




  • I have never had “surplus beer”. Seems like an oxymoron
  • Use it to replace the water in homemade pizza dough
  • Make beer-slices in the summer
  • Make ice cubes and add them to your margaritaville with margarita mix for a bulldog
  • If it’s somewhat fresh, beer batter onion rings.
    Put some in a 2 litre pop bottle to kill wasps and flies, they can’t get out and will drown in it
  • Use in place of water in minestrone or black bean soup
  • what do you do with yours? All that stuff going down the drain below your taps has to go somewhere…. 🤔    …. Maple Meadows Brewing: HMMM, unfortunately we shed a tear or two and say good bye to that beer forever
  • There is no such thing as surplus beer


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